"for the love of good food by Chef Stephane Simond"


We are madly in love about good food. So much so, we even call ourselves Folie. In French, it means love to the brink of madness.We also believe in the pleasure of eating. No guilt should be involved when you are savouring our cake or slurping Folie’s signature pasta. As somebody famous once said, life is too short to eat celery stick.Folie is created by a French chef who is fascinated by Asian flavour. It is a love child between two grand food cultures, not West nor East, but an attempt to discover something in between.


We designed Folie to make your life easier. Park your car in our spacious parking lot. You can sit indoor during a hot afternoon or dine outside under our pergola during a balmy evening. Celebrate a birthday party and order a special cake from our pâtisserie. We will have a table set just for you. At Folie, we are your family.


Once upon a time, a French chef decided to pack his knives and made Indonesia his home. His style of cooking is deeply influenced by his French haute cuisine experiences, and yet he is deeply enchanted by the fiery Asian flavour. Bali chose him to stay and gave him the opportunity to pour his obsession of creating good food.“French cuisine is my root, it is rich and flavourful. But, I have worked, lived, and love all of these tasty and spicy Asian dishes. I have no other choice but to translate both of these flavours as good as I can,” said Stephane, who used to cook for Michelin-starred restaurants, a globe-trotting Michelin team Formula 1, a resort in West French Indies, an award winning French restaurant in Jakarta, as well as leading the kitchen of Bali’s five-star resort.

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Foods & Drinks

Foods & Drinks

Our portion is generous because we believe that good food is meant to be shared

Price are in thousand indonesian rupiah and subject ro 7% service charge and applicable government tax.


Press Release – Hot from the Oven of FOLIE

Tuesday, June 21st 2017. Today, we open our door for the first time. Here at FOLIE, we are madly in love about good food. In French, the word FOLIE means love to the brink of madness. We also believe in the pleasure of eating. There should be no guilt involved when you are enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures. After all, somebody famous once said, life is too short to eat celery stick.

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